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    125 Newmarket Square
    Boston, MA 02118

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    PO BOX 1451
    Newburyport, MA, 01950

    978 465-6396


    All of our beef, pork, lamb, poultry and veal comes from federally inspected plants. These products are carefully selected, aged, and pre-tempered. This allows for a closer more efficient trim, which in turn gives you more value for your purchase. All of our loins are choice to prime corn and grain fed steer.

    N.Y. Sirloin Strips- U.S.D.A. Choice- (12)- 10 oz Steaks $ Market Price

    Center Cut Filet Mignon- (10)- 8 oz Filets

    $ MarketPrice

    Center Cut Filet Mignon- (14) 6 oz Filets

    $ Market Price

    Tenderloin Medallions (27)-3 oz Medallions

    $ 89.50

    Sirloin Burgers- (16) 6 oz

    $ 48.75
    Bone in NY Strip
    Filet of Sirloin
    Sirloin Roast
    Ribeye Roast
    Steak Teriyaki
    Tenderloin Kabob
    Steakhouse Tips
    Bourbon Tips

    Disclaimer: Products and Price subject to change without notice.