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    Augustines reputation as a leader with top quality portioned food products dates back to 1981. We offer the most value per dollar for brand items such as Bell and Evans, Chairmans Reserve, Black Canyon Angus, London Veal, Colorado Lamb and numerous other gourmet and specialty food items. We pride ourselves as one of the top home delivery food service company’s in New England. The concept is simple, find and select the finest meats, seafood, poultry and specialty foods on the market and make them available to you. These quality products are flash frozen at the peak of freshness and vacuum sealed or wrapped to lock in the flavor, freshness and nutritional value for an average of 6 months. Restaurants and Hotels have been purchasing quality portioned meats and seafood for decades. There are hundreds of items available. If you are like most of our customers you probably don’t have the time to find the best available.


    We have state of the art packaging which ensures your food will arrive in excellent condition and completely frozen. Remember, it is incorrect to compare Fresh vs. Frozen. Fresh is the opposite of stale, not the opposite of frozen. Fresh frozen is a term that accurately describes a product that is frozen at the peak of freshness.